Thursday 19 July 2012

Candid India to handle ICPB's 7th Conventions India Conclave in Greater Noida

India Convention Promotion Bureau - Conventions India Conclave

India Convention Promotion Bureau - Conventions India Conclave (CIC)
20 - 21 August 2012 | India Exposition Mart Ltd, Greater NOIDA 
Held In Conjunction With IT&CM India (21 to 23 August 2012), Organised By TTG Events

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) market is a fast growing one and has exhibited a huge potential worldwide. It is a recognized fact that international and regional conferences contribute greatly towards building up of mutual goodwill and understanding, encourage interaction between nations, bring tremendous amount of knowledge and frontier technologies particularly for the developing countries.

There is a growing interest amongst tourists to experience the rich culture and heritage of India. With increasing opportunities for holidays and leisure, India is now becoming one of the leading venues for MICE in the region. The MICE infrastructure in the country has been developing rapidly and convention hotels and conference venues of international standards are being set up in cities across the country. With the corresponding expansion in the network of airline operations, and other infrastructure support, India is ready to position and market itself as an important MICE destination.

As mentioned, the prime focus of the Bureau is to disseminate information regarding the infrastructural facilities and related services available in India for organising Meetings, Incentives and Conventions and also to assist tourism industry to effectively market the MICE potential of India in the international markets.

Over the years, India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) has been organizing Conventions India Conclave as an educational and business promotion event. Conventions India Conclave (CIC) is not a traditional association convention, but is regarded to be South Asia’s premier networking event for buyers and sellers in the Indian meetings industry, organized on the patterns of EIBTM Barcelona and IMEX Frankfurt.

The Conclave of 2012 is of special importance, as this is being held in the background of a historic cooperation agreement with TTG Events, a business group of TTG Asia Media as of September 2011, to bring their flagship show IT&CMA and CTW to India as IT&CM India in 2012. To get the maximum advantage to MICE Industry segment, IT&CM India and CIC will run concurrently. This will be a super initiative for Indian MICE and give ICPB and India tremendous visibility and coverage as a destination as well as a key selling tool.

About ICPB

India Convention Promotion Bureau was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism in close co-ordination and consultation with the tourism and conference industry with the main objective to propagate India’s ability to hold conventions and conferences of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, ICPB is meant to be a catalyst to provide support to conference planners organizations, associations and other trade bodies, during bidding process for international conferences as well as to undertake marketing activities overseas. It provides a strong platform for bringing together buyers and sellers to generate knowledge and commercial opportunity to all concerned. Today, ICPB is the only MICE Industry grouping that can truly boast of participation from the entire industry, with members from hotels, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, professional conference organizers, event managers, educational institutions, central and state governments, media and more. ICPB is chaired by Mr. Devesh Chaturvedi, Additional Director General of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The management and operations are managed by a Governing Body having members from different segments of MICE Industry.

About TTG Events
Delivering The World’s Business To One Marketplace.
TTG Asia Media’s Events group promotes business opportunities by staging international trade events that bring industry suppliers and buyers to one marketplace. The group is the founder and organiser of the Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings (IT&CM) series of MICE and Corporate Travel events in Thailand (IT&CMA and CTW), China (IT&CM China) and India (IT&CM India). It is also the longest-running secretariat appointed to manage the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) Travel Exchange (TRAVEX). Other core trade events include Singapore Gifts & Stationery Show (SGSS) and International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC).

About TTG Asia Media
The Leading Travel and Tourism Publisher and Events Organiser In The Asia-Pacific.
Established in 1974, TTG Asia Media is at the forefront of the Asia-Pacific travel and tourism industry. Its authority encompasses the leisure trade, corporate travel and MICE domains. Through its three business groups, the company publishes leading regional trade titles for the travel industry, Singapore maps and guides for inbound tourists and organises international trade events.

About the Conventions India Conclave and IT & CM India 2012
CIC 2012 scheduled on 20-21 August 2012 and IT & CM India scheduled on 21-23 August 2012, at India Exposition Mart Ltd, Greater NOIDA, is a highly focused marketing event that targets the conference planner with the objective of encouraging associations and corporate to hold more meeting type events and to encourage Indian associations to invite their international counterparts to bring in their international conventions to India. The event offers international and leading Indian exhibitors and buyers in the industry a dedicated avenue to showcase and procure business.

ICPB Members will show case their products for the benefit of both the Buyers and Sellers, national and international.

The Event would provide an opportunity to interact with the Bureau’s members who are specialists in the organization of meetings and conventions, with the aim of strengthening the brand positioning of `Incredible India’ as a MICE destination, buyers from overseas have also been invited to meet with suppliers from India’s MICE industry and experience the product for themselves. Also, to be included are corporate and large multi-national and trans-national corporations, who have an interest in improving their meeting related purchasing. During the Conclave, they would have opportunities to explore the possibilities of furthering their business opportunities in this emerging segment of the economy.

Another benefit of the event is the range of informal discussions which take place outside the formal program often setting the basis for future long-term relationships.

The participants from overseas would also have an opportunity to join the post tour being organized to give them an opportunity to inspect the infrastructural facilities and also view the diversity of India, its colours, tastes and the unique aromas.

About The Venue
The 2012 event will show case not only what is one of India’s top meeting – exposition venue but also Delhi NCR as a prominent position in regional and global events, with the dominance of advance technology, skilled workforce, improved infrastructure, logistic support and allied know-how. It would also showcase NCR that have understood what the business of convention is all about. The participants will also experience one of the newest and finer airport in South Asia.

India Expo Centre at Greater NOIDA, is the host venue for the Conclave 2012. It is the finest exposition and business center ever to take shape in India. Everything in this state–of-the-art complex has been created to make it the preferred destination for international business exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and business meets in India.

About the Participants
Around 300 Representatives from National and International Associations, Conference Planners, Specialists from different disciplines, Hotels and Convention Venues, Government Departments, Professional Conference Organizers, Domestic and International Airlines, Professional Institutions for higher learning, Service Providers, Travel Agents organizing Meetings and Conferences, Indian Corporate, MNCS would be participating.

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