Wednesday 5 September 2012

TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards 2012 To Go Ahead As Planned

TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards 2012 To Go Ahead As Planned

TOFT has announced that the 2nd TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards scheduled for 14th September, 2012 are still going ahead, in spite of the Government ban on Tourism.  TOFT has had over 80 nominations for 8 separate award categories and the shortlist of each award will be published shortly. This year’s awards are being held at the India Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road.

In 2010 TOFT launched the TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards to honour and acknowledge the contribution of the women and men who work tirelessly towards the preservation of our forests and their inhabitants. These people not only attempt to preserve our natural heritage but also strive to strike a balance between the natural world and the local population around our parks. They educate and employ local youth thus converting those that once saw the forests as a meal ticket to people who now care for and protect it.

The tourism ban has obviously hit hard all those involved with the industry; however, their contribution has to be acknowledged. There is a ban, there are people out of work and their future is murky at best. Keeping all this is mind TOFT awards 2012 is striving to give these men and women what is their due. The future may be uncertain but the past is not and all that has been achieved is written in stone. On the 14th of September we will stand up and salute the many ordinary citizens of our country who have dared to dream, who have dared to make a difference.

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